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  • Asma loves football.

    Asma, 13, plays football at the Socialisation Centre in her village in southern Bangladesh. Before the centre was set up by Save the Children, teenage girls playing football was unheard of.


    “Before, older girls could not play,” Asma says. “But now, nobody can scold us, everyone plays.”


    In many conservative villages, adolescent girls have not been allowed to play games outdoors. Save the Children works with local partners to help create an environment where play is accepted.

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    Bangladesh 2018

    Save the Children

    0.57 video
    Filmed in Satkhira.

  • Achia moved to Dhaka with her parents.

    Achia, 12 years old, moved from rural Bangladesh to Dhaka with her parents.


    “I felt bad coming to Dhaka,” Achia says. “There are bad boys disturbing where we live. The place is very dirty and bad smelling. There are lots of people. So I didn’t like coming to Dhaka.”


    She lives with her family in a rented room, sharing a courtyard and one common toilet with 11 other families. The difference to her childhood home is stark.


    The activity centre Achia now goes to was set up by Save the Children and is run by their partner organisation Incidin Bangladesh. It offers a safe place to meet, play and socialise with other children,  and support from trained staff.


    “I feel good when I come to the centre,” Achia says. “I usually come here every day. When I’m here, I can forget about the bad environment. I play chess and basketball. Sometimes I play football, carrom and then Ludu. Then we all have fun together.”

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    Bangladesh, 2018

    Save the Children

    1:06 video
    Filmed in Dhaka.