We manage productions from complex multi-country film, photography and print projects to short, time sensitive campaign material production on location. We work with experienced producers, camera people and local practitioners.

We always assemble a small and dedicated team that we trust, giving our clients peace of mind and the people we meet the confidence to speak in a safe and enabling environment.

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Video is unique in its ability to bridge gulfs between people. To see and hear someone brings the viewer closer to understanding their world. We are driven by our ambition to do justice to people’s stories and to enhance understanding across distance and inequality.

We work with videographers with local knowledge and who care deeply for the communities and the people they film.

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We use photography to enable our clients, and their stakeholders and communities, to tell their stories. Whether it’s for a magazine highlighting the impact of child mortality or for an online report on the psychosocial needs of refugee children, photography helps readers come closer.

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We strive to bring out people’s stories as clearly as possible in all our print productions. We have years of experience producing print and digital materials, from large reports with significant technical content to rapid production of case studies and communication toolkits.

We work with designers and writers with NGO and corporate experience, creating the visual and content impact our clients need to get their message across.

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